ABC Learn Letters

Activity book with tracing and colouring fun for toddlers, 2+

Get your young ones having fun whilst learning with this ABC Activity Book with letters to trace and colour in, plus lots of pictures.

As children first learn to trace letters they benefit from having large letters so this book is focussed on this level of learning.

It’s perfect for pre-schoolers and kindergarten ages children aged 2+ and will help them learn the alphabet at the same time as having fun with colouring.

Book details

157 pages

US letter size (11 x 8in / 21.5 x 28cm) 

This book contains the full alphabet with a double page per capital letter, giving your youngster 8 large letters to trace and colour in. There is also a double page of 8 large lowercase letters as well. Plus a double page per letter with pictures of things that start with the letter.


A Apples & Aeroplanes
B Balloons & Butterflies
C Carrots & Cars
D Duck & Dog
E Elephant & Elf
F Fish & Frog
G Giraffe & Gifts
H House & Helicopters
I Icecream & Igloos
J Jellyfish & Jacket
K Kites & Keys
L Lion & Lollipops
M Mouse & Monkey
N Numbers & Nest
O Owl & Octopus
P Penguin & Pumpkin
Q Queen & Question mark
R Rocket & Rabbit
S Strawberries & Sheep
T Tree & Train
U Umbrella & Underwear
V Volcano & Vase
W Whale & Window
X Xylophone & X-ray
Y Yacht & Yoghurt
Z Zebra & Zip

Separating a colouring book cleanly into whole individual pages.

If you want to tear out pages, we recommend separating the whole book into pages from the spine to separate the book rather than trying to tear pages out from inside the book.

Here's a handy video showing how to do that!

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This is the perfect activity book to get your toddler learning letters