Jewelry Sketchbooks

Sketch beautiful jewellery designs | Perfect gift for buddy jewellery designer

This series has a range of sketchbooks with outlines of necks, hands and Ears to help you design beautiful jewellery.

Series details

97-129 pages

US letter size (8 x 11in / 21.5 x 28cm)
Mini Sketchbooks (6 x 9in / 15.5 x 23.4cm)


Each book contains pale grey outlines of necks, hands or ears. The necks and hands versions have outlines on the left pages and grey lines for writing on the right side. The Ears version has outlines and writing lines on both sides.


The Necks Sketchbooks have 8 different outfit necklines to help guide you with designing for a particular neckline.

Large version – 6 of each neckline (97 pages)
Mini version – 8 of each neckline (129 pages)


The Hands Sketchbooks have the same outline on each page. A front view of a hand and a side view.

Large version – 50 pages of outlines (101 pages)
Mini version – 50 pages of outlines (101 pages)



The Ears Sketchbooks have side views of ears and front view of an ear along with writing lines on both pages.

Large version – 100 pages of outlines (101 pages)
Mini version – 100 pages of outlines (101 pages)



The Collections Sketchbook has all the outlines from the individual books listed above.

Neck outline on the left page, hands and ears on the right page with a column of lines.

Large version only – 100 pages of outlines (101 pages)


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